Keep uniform thickness composite floor

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Keep uniform thickness composite floor

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Wait until the ground is dry and then wax evenly on the surface. A container fitted with floor wax and stirred evenly. When the whole floor of the room is waxed, it is necessary to make a partial trial in the corner of the room, which is not eye-catching, to confirm whether there is any abnormality. To prevent floor wax pollution, wall skirting line and furniture, use tape, paper, etc. to cover the above parts. Use a clean cloth dipped in the floor wax, so as not to drip. Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor,

otherwise it will produce marks and circles. In accordance with the direction of grain floor carefully daub, do not drain coated or uneven thickness. Smear too little will cause uneven shade, smearing too much will lead to bad film formation. Keep uniform thickness is the key of the wax. Do not dilute the floor wax with water. Waxing tool can use wax special mop, easy to operate, ideal effect. 5, until the wax surface thoroughly dried, with high-speed polishing machine with polishing pad, uniform polishing to the surface can be bright. 6, waxing and polishing of the ground,

bright and clean, sensory effects are particularly good. Please don't walk on the floor before drying the floor wax. Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hours. If there is leakage, should be painted. Such as two waxing, second times, and after the first complete drying. Every 6 months or so a wax, long-term maintenance of the floor beautiful. Note to the construction of the wax wax Pu better,
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