Wipe the stains on the floor with composite floor

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Wipe the stains on the floor with composite floor

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marble, terrazzo floor by the way two times the bottom surface of the wax and wax will receive very good results, and the effect of porcelain tiles and wax glazed tiles are generally not good, it is easy to fall off. 2, soft ground such as rubber flooring series, PVC material floor series, solid wood flooring, composite flooring series. If these wooden floors need waxing treatment, it is best to use free polishing high gloss wax construction without polishing. Use chemicals: floor cleaner,

all-purpose water, neutral detergent. Waxing step: 1. Clean the floor garbage and sundries, erect the construction sign board. Wipe the stains on the floor with diluted neutral detergent. For difficult to remove stains, water can be used to wipe. To prevent detergent accumulation in the groove, soak the detergent cloth to wring as much as possible. Floor wax scavenger will lead to a floor to produce mark stains and bulging, absolutely can not use. 2. Clean the floor with neutral detergent and washing machine. Wipe with a hard wring cloth. Wipe the floor surface, especially the grooves.

Don't leave any detergent. Such as residual detergent and water, can cause surface white, bulging. 3. Dry the ground with a dry towel or let it dry naturally. Fully dry floor surface and groove part of moisture, completely dry for the back waxing. Depending on the season, the time required has changed, but it will take more than half a day. Such as have not been fully dry, floor wax will not be tightly attached on the surface of the floor, affect the appearance and whitening phenomenon.
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